The Construction Source

Located in the center of the city, the Landmark District has always been known for its professional business atmosphere – but it’s now undergoing “an evolutionary expansion” into a walkable pedestrian village with an emphasis on convenience, the environment, and both indoor and outdoor amenities. As part of that expansion, they recently sought to revitalize six existing office towers within the district. Genesis Controls was part of that effort. Within the six towers, Trent says there were four different control systems, all communicating on different protocols. “We were able to put in one new server, and then through quite a bit of programming, we were able to bring all of those points into our server, create new site graphics, and give them one graphical user interface for their facilities manager to log into.” “Before they had two computers set up with different remote desktop applications, with different programs and software running on them, some had different locks and passwords and usernames – so for them to hire a new facility manager, it was two months’ worth of training just so that they understood how to get into each of the systems.” “Now that we’ve done this integration, they have easy access to all their systems in all their buildings,” Trent continues. “There’s just one simple user interface, and there’s one username and one password for each individual user. They can access everything from their phones, their tablets, or any web browser, basically. That makes things a lot easier THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA