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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products from across the country. The theme of this edition is innovation. We’ve looked at a range of companies and organizations based across Canada – some are developers, some are builders, some are architects, some are interior designers, consultants and contractors, but what they all have in common is a commitment to pushing the boundaries, trying new things, and getting better. As an example of that boundary-pushing, this edition continues our focus on the BC Construction Safety Alliance. We talked more about their Certificate of Recognition (COR®), which has been continuously hones and refined since it was introduced. That effort has paid dividends, as there is now empirical evidence that COR® certified employers exhibit reduced injuries and therefore improved safety outcomes. Another example is Eurohouse Group – a West Vancouverbased builder, interior designer, and supplier of bespoke design materials from countries including Italy, Spain, and France. With every project, they always seek to “deliver something new,” and they’re constantly innovating in terms of both design and construction systems. SJOC Construction is similar, though they mainly work across the GTA. To tell their story of innovation, we spoke to Sean O’Connor, founder and president. He walked us through the company’s rapid and ongoing growth, the systems and processes they have designed to achieve consistency even, and their overriding mission to provide customers with “a better construction experience.” Then there’s Verto360, a company that uses state-of-the-art technology to design, manufacture, and install fully-customized interior environments in a way that’s cleaner, faster, and more sustainable than conventional methods. Innovation is at the core of what they do. For an industry facing challenges including supply chain issues, inflation, and labour shortages, they believe their unique technology-powered approach is the solution. For more on those stories – and more like them, about other innovators across the building spectrum – just keep reading.

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APRIL 2022

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APRIL 2022 BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) Making safety simpler Vanmars Drilling Safe. Reliable. Quality Eurohouse Construction A class above the rest Edge Innovations Fabric structures from concept to completion SJOC Construction Inc. Experiential construction MD Steele Construction An ongoing history of reliability Madeleine Design Group Unique and distinctive design Verto360 An unrefusable offer Dubbeldam Architecture + Design Challenging convention by design Monk Renovations Trusted professionals INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS INCINERATING TOILETS IN THIS ISSUE MAY 2022 MONK RENOVATIONS VERTO360



THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Water connection not required Requires little space No odour Easy installation No frost protection needed Secure for children ash to be emptied No waste handling, only and more Bunkies, For Home, Cottages, Shops, 3 - 4 visits per hour High capacity Propane&Electric models ABOUT CINDERELLA ECO GROUP Cinderella Eco Group is a family-owned company located in the north-western coastal community of Midsund in Romsdal, with deep roots in the beautiful Norwegian fjord-landscape. We have more than 20 years’ experience with the Cinderella Incineration Toilet, a water-free, ecological solution for the management of toilet waste. Cinderella, the natural first choice for those who place high demands on quality and functionality. HIGHLIGHTS OF INCINERATION TOILETS:

APRIL 2022


Making safety simpler The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is a not-profit organization serving British Columbia’s construction sector, with a mandate to engage employers and employees and assist them in making construction safe. Today, that means providing health and safety services to over 52,000 companies employing over 220,000 workers. Those services are all compliant with WorkSafeBC requirements and emphasize straightforward and practical assistance to help contractors meet their health and safety requirements.

MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA BCCSA’s current slate of services includes best-in-safety programs, no-cost safety training, consultation services, and other tools and resources. All of the items in the Alliance’s offeringarevaluableandsoughtafter, but among the most sought-after is the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program – a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety systems that meet an industry standard. That program rewards those employers who take a “strategic vision to workplace safety,” and those who are “committed to reducing both the human and financial costs of workplace injuries,” according to Vernita Hsu, Director of COR® & Injury Management. COR® certification is offered by WorkSafeBC and delivered through ‘Certifying Partners,’ with the BCCSA being the certifying partner for employers in the construction industry. All employers that are registered through WorkSafeBC are eligible to participate in the COR® Program, and all companies in the construction sector are automatically eligible to participate in BCCSA’s COR® program. (Companies outside the construction industry that are interested in pursuing a BCCSA COR® should first search for the Certifying Partner that services their industry before submitting an application for review.) “COR® has been and will continue to be an effective and respected initiative for our industry as it works to reduce injuries – most significantly, serious injuries,” Hsu says.

Although available to other industries now, the COR® program actually has its origins in construction – it found its genesis in the construction sector in Alberta, and was first made available to BC employers in 2002 as a pilot program for the construction sector. Back then, Hsu says the sector saw an opportunity to bring a “made for construction” safety audit/certification program to the province in an effort to decrease the human and financial loss associated with workplace injury and disease. Since then, the program has been continuously honed and refined, and that effort has paid dividends. In BC, there is now empirical evidence that COR® certified employers exhibit reduced injuries and therefore improved safety outcomes. “COR® has been and will continue to be an effective and respected initiative for our industry as it works to reduce injuries – most significantly, serious injuries,” Hsu says. “We know the current audit tool produces empirically proven positive safety outcomes. Any program that can help construction employers in decreasing financial and human losses associated with workplace injury is a success for the industry we serve.” Currently, approximately 33 per cent of all workers in BC’s construction sector work for COR® certified companies. The BCCSA has seen that number increasedemonstrably in recent years – since 2010, for example, there has been almost double the number of participants. Hsu credits that participation, in part, to the fact that more general contractors and owners are making it preferential for bidding purposes, and in some MAY 2022

cases they are making it a prerequisite. She also credits its proven efficacy. “Our sense at the BCCSA is that COR® demand will continue to grow – particularly, as mentioned, because the program has been empirically proven to reduce injuries,” she says. “There is no other person, product or system that can claim that.” The feedback from contractors sofarhasbeenstrong.According to Hsu, companies that have obtained the certification have consistently reported a “positive difference,” thanks to the program’s emphasis on improved hazard awareness and formalized safety practices and procedures for preventing accidents and injuries. As a result of that industry acceptance, COR® is becoming less and less of a voluntary program, as employers and associations recognize its value as a safety program that meets a recognized standard. There are now an increasing number of owners, such as BC Hydro, that are demanding COR® certification of their contractors working in safety sensitive environments, primarily because it has been proven to reduce serious injuries, making it appealing from a cost reduction perspective. “This expansion of COR® as mandatory speaks volumes to the credibility, reputation, and effectiveness of this program,” Hsu says. There are also direct financial benefits to COR® that add to the appeal of the certification. Firstly, employers who achieve and maintain COR® may also be eligible to receive 10 per cent in annual incentive payments from WorkSafeBC. Secondly, over time, lower injury rates – and thus lower claim costs – will reduce insurance premiums. In addition, COR® is “a practical way of demonstrating to the public that you take safety seriously,” Hsu says – and that is also appealing. “COR® Certification makes a strong statement about a contractor’s commitment to protecting the well-being of workers and maintaining a culture of safety on jobsites. Having a third party audited system shows the world someone, other than you, thinks your safety system is good.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Pre-planning is key Two COR® programs are offered by the BCCSA – Small COR®, for companies with 19 or less employees, and Large COR®, for companies with 20 or more employees. To obtain certification, companies in both categories must complete and submit a BCCSA COR® Application Form, ensure their company has a health and safety management system that meets audit standards, and then have a permanent employee complete the Alliance’s two-day COR® Internal Auditor Training. After the employee has obtained their COR® Auditor Certificate, they will be qualified as the company’s COR® internal auditor and will have an understanding of the COR® audit standard. From there, Large COR® applicant companies have to hire a BCCSA-qualified COR® external auditor, who will conduct a Large COR® Certification Audit, while Small MAY 2022

COR® applicant companies can use their BCCSA-qualified COR® internal auditor to conduct a Small COR® Certification Audit. To receive the certification, companies must achieve a passing mark – which means a minimum score of 80 per cent overall, and a score of at least 50 per cent in each element. According to Hsu, the BCCSA COR® audit tool specifically considers the industry they serve. It consists of a three-part evaluation of the effectiveness of a company’s occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). Specific documentation is requested and reviewed, observation is conducted on-site, and interviews are conducted with employees at every level – from workers, to supervisors, managers, and owners. Companies are required to demonstrate effective implementation of all aspects of their health and safety program – including their training program, inspection program, incident management program, and emergency response program, to name a few. Continual improvement is built into BCCSA’s COR program and audit tool – participating companies can demonstrate continual improvement through the various phases of corrective action plan implementation. For companies pursuing COR® Certification, Hsu says that “pre-planning is key!” “The length of time required to achieve COR® Certification will depend on the status of the contractor’s occupational health and safety management system,” she explains. “Recipients must have sufficient evidence to demonstrate the development and implementation of a functioning system that meets the 14 Elements evaluated by BCCSA’s OHS COR® National Audit Document. Some contractors may already have systems that meet all program requirements in place, while others may require additional time to develop a system or augment an existing system.” To support contractors pursuing COR® Certification, BCCSA offers a network of Regional Safety Advisors (RSAs), who are available to answer safety questions or concerns or assist in the development of a COR®-aligned safety program. BCCSA also offers a suite of safety training courses, including ‘Leadership for Safety Excellence,’ ‘COR® Internal Auditor Training,’ ‘Train the Safety Trainer,’ ‘Principles of Health and Safety Management,’ ‘Principles of Injury Management,’ and more. Construction contractors (sector 72) are eligible to access the RSA service and complete these training courses at no cost. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

MAY 2022 • RKM Crane Services Ltd. • Campbell Construction Ltd • Canem Systems Ltd • Creative Door Services Ltd • Team Construction Management (1981) Ltd • Dynamic Industries Ltd • Wismer & Rawlings Electric Ltd • Nutech Facility Services Ltd. • Dixon Networks Corporation • Parke Pacific Projects Ltd • Division 2 Contracting Limited • Tri City Canada Inc. • Cariboo Central Railroad Contracting Ltd • N R G Electric Ltd. • Met-Stra Contracting Ltd. • Nickel Bros Industrial Ltd. • Mccue Environmental Contracting Inc. • Competition Glass Company Ltd • Axiom Builders Inc. • Terracana Foundation Solutions Inc • Norco Septic Service (2006) Inc. • 0864449 B.c. Ltd. • Baylink Networks Inc. • Rize Alliance Properties Ltd • Vanmars Drilling Ltd. • Venture Elevator Inc • Mud Bay Drilling (2015) Ltd. • Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. • J. Floris Construction Ltd. • Falcon Equipment Ltd. • Ic Expert Painting Ltd. • Jacob Arthur Menning • Ironclad Developments Inc. • Go Flooring Ltd. • Attridge Contracting Ltd • Banyan Structural Ltd. • Banyan Construction Ltd. • Conquest Electric Inc. • Sov Construction Inc • Urban Elegance Homes Inc. • Izinga Commercial Contracting Inc. • Digger Civil Contractors Ltd The Construction Source in conjunction with The BCCSA are pleased to present the companies who achieved BCCSA COR® Certification in 2021.

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA • Baker Creek Estates Ltd • H2x Contracting Ltd. • Dig Right Enterprises Ltd • Cantower Coatings Inc • Chapman Industries Ltd. • Raven Rescue Safety Medical Ltd. • Cormac Projects Inc. • Blue Universe Communications Ltd • Broadway Drywall Distribution Ltd. • Fine Drywall Ltd. • Westurban Developments Ltd. • Urban Environmental Asbestos Abatement Ltd • Reg Norman Trucking Ltd. • Borrow Enterprises Ltd • Empower Energy Corp. • Division 2 Environmental Ltd. • Kal-West Mechanical Systems Inc. • Bova Projects Ltd. • Jen-Col Construction Ltd • Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited • Rivermist Excavating Ltd. • Jul Construction Ltd. • 1106314 B.c. Ltd. • Mdbs Quattro Constructors Ltd. • Alpha Sky Development & Construction Ltd. • Cobra Electric Regional Services Ltd. • Cobra Electric Services Ltd. • Vortex Pneumatics Ltd. • Mainroad Mid-Island Contracting Limited Partnership • Mainroad North Island Contracting Ltd • Marwest Industries Ltd • Enroute Traffic Solutions Inc. • Metro Traffic Ltd. • I.D.R. Commercial Construction Management Inc. • Eastside Movement For Business & Economic Renewal Society • Ballina Contracting Ltd. • 1206576 B.c. Ltd. • Sangha Framing Ltd. • Leverage Construction Inc. • Castlebrook Income Properties Ltd. • Ron’s Drywall Ltd • Skwlax Resource Management Ltd. • Dcn Civil Constructors Ltd. • Paragon Business Services Ltd • Integral Energy Services Ltd. • Infinity Industrial Safety Services Ltd. • Argo Safety Services Ltd. • Pagnotta Industries Inc • Pacific Flagging Ltd • Enersolv Design & Build Ltd • System One Floor Solutions Inc. • Sonic Enclosures Ltd. • Tower Engineering Canada, Ulc • Cascadia Metals Ltd. • Bar Engineering Co Ltd • Pacific Cutting & Coring Ltd • Broadway Corporate Solutions Ltd. • Broadway Hvac Ltd. • Glenform Building Limited • Plan Group Inc. • Kaefer Industrial Services Ltd. • Tsain-Ko S-P’atl’-Em Gp Corp. • Helix Advanced Communications & Infrastructure, Inc. • Dorosh Construction Ltd. • Miracon Development Inc. • Orion Electrical Systems Ltd. • A.c. Civil Contracting Ltd. • Ac Formworks Ltd. • Pacific Blasting & Demolition Ltd. • Tarrier Deep Construction Ltd. • Arnica Contracting Inc. • Raskob Enterprises Inc. • Matra Construction Inc • Barnard Construction Companies Of Canada Ulc • Lansons Drywall Systems Ltd

Empirically effective As previously mentioned, the current BCCSA COR® audit tool has been empirically proven to produce positive safety outcomes. Ongoing research conducted by the University of British Columbia (UBC) shows that COR® certified employers demonstrated, on average, a 12 per cent decrease in short-term disability, long-term disability, and fatality rate between 2003 and 2016 compared to noncertified employers, and an 11 per cent decrease in the serious injury rate. In a separate study, UBC assessed the predictive validity of the BCCSA COR® audit tool, in order to find out if better audit scores are associated with lower employer injury rates, and whether individual element and sub-element scores on the audit tool are associated with lower injury rates. Findings from the 2019 study support the thesis that overall audit performance is strongly predictive of employer level work injury rates. According to Hsu, the BCCSA MAY 2022

can now use findings from that research to further improve the design, delivery, and effectiveness of the COR® program. The BCCSA is also currently focused on a number of initiatives outside of the COR® program – they are interested in any offering that will help improve safety outcomes for BC construction employers and the workers they employ. To that end, they have recently developed tools and programs such as the ‘Silica Control Tool, the ‘Certified Concrete Pump Operator Program,’ and ‘SiteReadyBC.’ The Silica Control Tool is a tool that assists employers in conducting appropriate risk assessments and implementing effective controls and safe work practices where respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust may be an occupational hazard. Through the compilation of data relating to RCS dust exposures pertaining to various materials, tools and tasks in construction, the Tool can predict the expected exposures to workers under similar conditions. It is currently being trialled in Ontario, as well as to other BC-based industries such as mining. The Certified Concrete Pump Operator (CCPO) Program, meanwhile, is a professional certification program delivered by the BCCSA, and launched in September of last year. The program was built by industry and safety professionals to ensure holders of the certification are operating to a standard of high competence – one of safety, environmental consideration, and value. Employers who employ CCPO’s benefit through reduced THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

risk, fewer accidents and injuries, less property damage, improved safety records, and enhanced public image. Then there’s SiteReadyBC – the first comprehensive construction site safety orientation program developed in British Columbia, providing workerswiththecoreknowledge they need to understand the safety requirements of any construction site in the province and to work there with confidence. Already, that orientation is now required of every worker on a large scale provincially-funded project, and it’s a four-credit component of the Ministry of Education’s Workforce Training Certificate 12 program in BC high schools. The BCCSA is also focused on bringing to market online Asbestos Control Training (ACT), a series of courses complimented by a newlydeveloped Asbestos Control Tool – a Tool that they are working with government to have recognized under the Ministry of Labour’s new asbestos licensing/certification scheme. “Finally, we believe that data and evidence should drive all decisions,” Hsu says – and to that end, they have a Research, Development and Opportunity (RDO) fund that has been the financial source for many of their most successful programs and activities (including the CCPO, Silica Tool, COR® Research, SiteReadyBC, and more). “Our aim is to continue to leverage this fund to remain on the cutting edge of safety offerings for BC contractors.” “Again,” Hsu concludes, “Our number one goal is focussing on programs and services that will improve safety outcomes in BC.” MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on the research conducted by UBC on COR®’s efficacy, visit https:// And for more on the BCCSA in general – including more on their other services, designations, and resources – visit

Safe. Reliable. Quality.

VanMars Drilling is an innovative and evolving company committed to delivering excellence in drilling and environmental services industry. By putting the right people with the right equipment, they strive to complete every job in a safe, timely, and costefficient manner. They operate on the principle that “good, reliable service” makes for “good, reliable clients.” “The VanMars difference comes from our commitment to providing a high level of safety while maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction,” says Ross Holmes, President. “By holding ourselves to a high standard of safety, reliability, and quality, we believe we have established a brand that clients can depend on and want to use again.”

MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA VanMars was formed in 2014 through a partnership between an experienced driller and a geotechnical engineer. Those partners identified the benefits of a drilling company that understood both the consulting anddrilling sidesof thebusiness. Ross, meanwhile, is himself a geotechnical engineer with over 15 years of experience coordinating and implementing geotechnical and environmental drilling programs throughout British Columbia. Over the course of his career, he has managed drilling projects for: operating mines; mineral exploration; highway infrastructure; bridges; soil and rock slope stabilization; dike design and construction; land development feasibility studies; municipal infrastructure; and various commercial and residential clients. Shortly after VanMars Drilling was established, Ross partnered with the two founders and came on an as owner. Prior to that, he had spent some time on drills and realized he had a passion for the sector. He had recently left his previous job and was looking for an opportunity in drilling, and the founders were looking for someone with geotechnical engineering experience. “So it was perfect timing,” Ross says. “It was the right time and the right opportunity.” Since then, VanMars Drilling has grown steadily in size and “With every commercial real estate transaction that happens in the Lower Mainland, they all have to go through two phases of environmental assessment,” Ross explains.

capability. Today, working from their base in Abbotsford, BC, they employ about 20 people and typically take on between six and seven projects at one time. Initially, the company intended to focus on geotechnical engineering, but these days most of their work is on the environmental side – mostly because that’s where the consumer demand is, but also because they find those projects more interesting. “With every commercial real estate transaction that happens in the Lower Mainland, they all have to go through some level of environmental assessment,” Ross explains. “And a lot of these projects are reoccurring,” he adds. “We’ll drill the site for one potential buyer, they back out, and a month later we’re drilling for a different company. Then they find contamination, and then they must delineate it, so we have to go back again. Then they delineate it a bit more, so we go back again. A lot of these jobs start out as one day jobs, and then we end up drilling them four, five or six days over the next few months.” “So the work is there,” he says, “and that’s what we’ve focused on.” As for why those clients choose VanMarsDrilling,Rosscanspeak from personal experience. He used to be in a position where he was hiring drilling companies, and he recalls that “I was never satisfied with the service that was provided.” “Drilling companies were often challenging to deal with,” he remembers, “and when I was working on time sensitive projects they were usually slow to respond.” MAY 2022

“After seven years of hiring these companies, I saw what the weaknesses were in the market, and I saw where there were opportunities to advance the industry,” he continues. “That’s what I wanted to do with VanMars.” Now, when clients work with VanMars Drilling, Ross believes they have an “increased level of confidence and comfort,” because they’re dealing with a professional engineer who has been in their shoes and knows what they are looking for. “I think I have a better idea of what they want than a driller working in an office,” he says. “If you asked our clients, they would agree. I think they’d say that we provide a higher level of service than they are accustomed to.” Again, Ross says that a significant part of that is just being reliable and responsive. He says that responding to emails and phone calls quickly goes a long way – as does being timely with estimates and invoices. “If the client reaches out and wants an estimate, we do our best to get it to them the same day, instead of having them wait,” he explains. “We know that a lot of times their budget is largely affected by the potential costs of drilling. So the sooner they have their answers, the sooner they can proceed, the sooner they can put their proposals together and get the job. They don’t want to be waiting around on their driller to get back to them.” Another significant part of being reliable is being safe. Fortunately, as previously mentioned, VanMars Drilling is set apart by their sincere THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

and unyielding commitment to safety – which Ross calls a “fundamental tenet” of the company. “At VanMars, our three tenets are ‘safety,’ ‘reliability,’ and ‘quality,’” he says, “and there’s a reason that safety is number one. No job is so important that it’s worth risking someone getting injured or worse.” In demonstration of their commitment to safety, VanMars recently worked with a safety consulting company and underwent a lengthy process in order to meet BCCSA COR Certification requirements. They are proud to have achieved that certification, and they are dedicated to preserving the high standard of implementation required to maintain it. “We feel like the COR certification, at least in BC, is the gold standard,” Ross says. “Since we’ve become COR certified, clients are more confident in us. Their health and safety reps see that we’re COR certified, they see that we’re meeting that standard, and that provides them with an additional layer of comfort.” “It especially helps with new clients,” he adds. “They may not have experienced working with us before, but they can at least see our COR certification and know that our documentation is in place and that our systems have been audited and tested. It gives us instant credibility. It gets us in the door in a lot of places.” “So we post our COR certification everywhere,” he says. “It’s on our website, it’s on our business cards, it’s in our email signatures – you name it. We want people to know how seriously we take safety. We think that shows that.” The company’s sterling safety record also reflects that. According to Ross, they have not had a single lost-time injury since the company started. With their COR certification in place, they feel confident that record will hold. MAY 2022

The right partners Moving forward, the vision for VanMars Drilling is to continue growing. Ross says their goal is to work with “more clients and bigger clients.” They want to continue providing the environmental drilling services they enjoy so much, but they also want to eventually push more into the mining sector. “We’re in our eighth year now, we’ve grown pretty much every year, and we’re growing now,” Ross says. “We’re actually growing quite rapidly and we want to see that continue. We’re still discussing internally what form that growth is going to take, but we definitely want it to continue.” As they grow, the company also wants to maintain their relationships with their suppliers and vendors. Most of those relationships are already longstanding, and Ross wants to see them continue. For example, one longstanding partner is Norcan Fluid Power, a THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

longstanding North Vancouver company that specializes in hydraulic system design and integration. They have been in business since 1974, they have nine warehouses across the province (eight with service departments and engineering), and they are the authorized distributor and service partner of Bosch Rexroth in Western Canada. Like VanMars, they have firmly established themselves as a local industry leader. In Norcan’s case, they are known as the region’s preferred supplier in providing value-added solutions and costsaving measures in the supply and service of fluid power products. In the future, VanMars Drilling wants to continue working with industry-leading partners like Norcan. They also want to continue to identify, recruit, and retain the right people internally. “Finding good people is one of our biggest priorities,” Ross concludes. “We can only expand if we have the right people to expand with. That’s what we’re working on now. It doesn’t matter how many drills we have if we don’t have the drillers. We’re looking for those drillers.” MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on VanMars Drilling, their services, equipment, past projects, and their commitment to safety – and to get in touch with Ross and his team – visit

A class above the rest Eurohouse Group is an award-winning builder, interior designer, supplier of bespoke design materials, and so much more. Over their 14 years in business, they have successfully completed over 45 projects, they have developedmore than 130,000 square feet, and they have won 10 industry awards of excellence. They have also some extremely strong relationships both locally and worldwide, with stakeholders including their clients, inhouse team members, and exceptional suppliers and subcontractors. Those relationships have enabled Eurohouse Group to provide clients with a product “that is truly a class above the rest,” according to Igor Morgun, Project and Sales Manager.

MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “When it comes to design, construction, supply and project management, our team ensures any undertaking is streamlined and completed to the highest standards,” Igor says. That commitment to quality has been a part of Eurohouse from the beginning, Igor adds, ever since the company was founded in 2008. Originally, they were a developer of new customhomes in established neighborhoods – homes with designs inspired by the founding partners’ European backgrounds, and materials sourced from countries including Italy, Spain and France. “From the start, the company’s product stood out,” Igor says. “They had a different look and a different standard than you would typically see in the local market.” Eventually, Eurohouse transitioned from developing and selling homes on spec to being a builder for clients. That was roughly around 2015, and since then the company has continuously grown and evolved in both size and capability. As part of that evolution, they have added some smaller businesses to the group in order to add to their capabilities – they now have their own countertop fabrication shop, they provide their own millwork supply and installation, they import their own interior doors and exterior front-entrance doors, and the “When it comes to design, construction, supply and project management, our team ensures any undertaking is streamlined and completed to the highest standards,” Igor says.

list goes on. “We provide a full cycle designbuild service,” Igor sums it up. “Whether it’s architectural or interior design drawings, placing concrete, inspections, landscaping or installing your new millwork package, our team is taking care of it all.” Today, Eurohouse’s projects can range from condos in downtown Vancouver, to single-family homes in West Vancouver, to wineries in Kelowna. Those projects can vary greatly in scope and value. The companies does some high-end projects – one recent high-end project netted them three different Georgie Awards, more on that soon – but they will also take on some smaller ones for clients who care about quality more than cost. No matter the size or scope of the project, however, Igor believes clients choose Eurohouse for the same reasons. One of the main ones is the aforementioned depth of their capabilities. “We provide everything to our clients,” he reiterates. “We provide all the services that are needed to build a unique, beautiful, and functional home. We’re literally a one-stop-shop.” MAY 2022


Industry recognized Over the years, Eurohouse Group’s excellence has been consistently recognized – both by clients in the form of repeat business and referrals, and by industry bodies like the Georgie Awards in the form of industry accolades. Most recently, at the 2021 Georgie Awards, Eurohouse Group was particularly successful – they won awards in three separate categories, a record-setting number received in one night by any participant. The winning categories included ‘Best Interior Custom Home,’ ‘Best Landscaping,’ and ‘Best Any Room.’ All three awards were for different facets of the same custom home. “That is fantastic recognition, and it’s something we’re very proud of,” Igor says. “Every year we submit our work to the Georgie Awards. Being recognized by them is like being recognized by the Academy Awards. They are like the Oscars of the local construction MAY 2022

industry.” “Receiving the most prestigious industry award in a variety of categories truly shows how versatile and experienced our teams are in achieving the top results,” he adds. The award-winning project in question was located was roughly 18,000 square feet. It was located in the Altamont area of West Vancouver – “one of the most beautiful areas not just in Vancouver, but all of Canada,” according to Igor. It was built on two lots that were combined into one, and together spanned just about one acre. Igor describes that project as “a gift from the universe.” From the start, he says Eurohouse was extremely passionate about the concept, and he says they were dedicated to “ensuring the client would be very happy at the end.” “We wanted them to feel like they made the right choice,” he says. “That was very important to us.” To achieve that satisfaction, first off, Eurohouse’s interior design team worked “many hours” to create a proposal that would meet the client’s approval. To that end, they created a large number of 3D renderings so clients would have a crystal clear idea of what every area would look like before they proceeded with construction. Eurohouse also put a lot of time into conceiving and designing every individual area, which partly explains the diversity of the award recognition. For example, they won the ‘Best Any Room’ award for the wine cellar, which they submitted under the name “In Vino Veritas,” and THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

MAY 2022

they won ‘Best Landscaping’ for the garden, which they called “Affinity Gardens.” The interior design as a whole, which won ‘Best Interior Custom Home,’ was submitted as “The Temple of Fun.” Igor says their goal there was to create a “country estate feel.” To do that, they split the house into two distinct areas – one area being a formal reception area, where the clients could host dinners, parties, and events, and the other area being the living area, which included a kitchen, living room, family room, and library on the main floor. Igor describes the formal area as being “classical, traditional, French, Europeaninspired,” and the living area as being more “contemporaryinspired.” The home also included three different floors, so there was a lot of area for Eurohouse to work with and a lot of opportunity to exercise their creativity. Igor says the clients’ encouraged them to stretch their wings. “They gave us the greenlight to pursue different design styles in different areas,” he explains. “We got to do some different things.” One of their favorite rooms to design and build, Igor says, was the award-winning wine cellar – which was located right under the home office on the main floor, with a basement entrance concealed by a sliding panel. “When the client finishes his work for the day, or when he wants to take a break, he can head down a spiral staircase and enter a hidden wine cellar,” Igor says. “That’s a very cool feeling.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

The space itself includes handcut limestone walls, slate floors, and brick ceilings. The wine barrels are made of authentic oak. The idea, Igor explains, was to take people who entered the cellar “back in time.” “That’s how wine cellars used to be,” he says. “There was a lot of foresight, planning and precision that was required in order to build that,” he adds, “and we’re very, very proud of the end-result.” The other award-winning element of the home was the landscaping. Eurohouse is particularly proud of their work there because of how much labour and investment was involved. Prior to building the house, they had to remove basically “everything from the construction site,” including all the trees and foliage. All the trees and landscaping there now was actually brought in by them afterwards. “We spent over a million dollars simply on purchasing and transporting trees for this site,” Igor says. “Wewanted this home to represent the Altamont neighborhood proudly. We wanted to make sure that it was consistent with the neighborhood, so we brought in more than 50 trees that were 50-feet tall. There was a lot of work involved in that.” “We positioned them very carefully, with a lot of thought,” he adds. “We needed to make sure that the client still got enough daylight, that they still got great view of the ocean, while still giving them enough privacy. That was tricky, but I think we figured it out.” The client ultimately agreed with that thought. According MAY 2022

to Igor, they were “thrilled with the end result.” “They said that we didn’t just meet their expectations,” Igor says. “They said we exceeded their expectations.Wedelivered a superior home to what they were expecting.” The clients were also thrilled by the award recognition their home received. Eurohouse even asked the Georgie Awards to produce an extra version of each trophy so they could gift them to clients, and thje clients are now “displaying those awards proudly,” Igor says. According to Igor, however, credit for that award-winning result belongs not just to Eurohouse Group, but to every stakeholder that contributed to the project: “We share those awards not just with the teams at Eurohouse Group but also with the amazing and dedicated crews of subcontractors and industry partners that we worked with,” Igor says. “Their hard work, determination, and team effort did not go unnoticed and we are very thankful to them.” In general, Igor says, the company’s relationships with trusted partners is what makes Eurohouse’s success possible – not just on that award-winning project, but all their projects. Accordingly, the company has always strived to form relationships that are close-knit and longstanding. One example of a longstanding partner is Umbrella Constructions. They have been working with Eurohouse for the last eight years on all their most complex projects. Eurohouse considers them a partner of choice because they demand the heights of quality and attention to detail, and that’s what Umbrella Constructions delivers. Another example is Paris Mechanical – an elite mechanical contractor that caters to the Lower Mainland, doing both high-end luxury and mixed-use installations. Eurohouse enjoys working with them because they act with integrity in all their interactions, and because – like Eurohouse – they are uncompromising in their commitment to delivering excellence, leadership, and value. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Interesting, unique, and industry-leading Moving forward, Eurohouse Group’s goal is to continue delivering high end projects for satisfied clients, and ideally to continue earning award recognition as a result. “We’re always looking for interesting, unique, and industry-leading projects,” Igor says. “We always want to deliver the best product to the market.” “At the same time, we also want to continue innovating,” he adds. “If you look at all of our previous projects, we almost always deliver something new. We’re constantly innovating in design and construction systems.” “That constant innovation is something unique we bring to the local West Vancouver market,” he says. “That’s been one of the keys to our success.” Eurohouse Group’s goal is also to continue growing. They started in 2008 with just three partners, and their team now includes roughly 75 people. “We’reveryproudof that growth, and we want it to continue,” Igor concludes. “We’re always looking for skilled workers to join our team so we can expand our presence in the local market and continue working on topquality projects.” MAY 2022

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Fabric structures from concept to completion

Edge Innovations, Inc. is an industry-leading design build contractor specializing in innovative fabric structure systems. With locations in Canada and the United States, they partner with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to provide quality design-build solutions for both permanent and temporary structures. Over the years, they have provided a comprehensive range of fabric structure services, from initial site analysis to installation, repair, and replacement services. These days, their focus is on providing more holistic fabric structure solutions – they want to be known across North America as a contractor-of-choice for large commercial and industrial structures.

MAY 2022

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “When it comes to fabric building structures, we can handle everything from concept through to design right through to completion,” says Glynn Haughton, General Manager. “That’s what we want to be known for. We want our clients to come to us for a design-andbuild service.” The first iteration of Edge Innovations was founded in 1974 in the United Kingdom. When founder Rick Haughton came to Alberta in 1998, he brought the company with him, originally a different name. Initially, in Canada, he focused on ‘specialty construction’ – which meant the company did the kind of complex projects that other companies didn’t want to do. Some of the early clients, for example, specialized in civil engineering, and their projects involved construction underground systems and reservoirs. Other early clients specialized in commercial engineering, and their jobs involved the installation of specialty equipment for highrise buildings. In 2008, the company rebranded and officially became ‘Edge Innovations.’ That’s when they started getting into fabric building structure solutions. They did some major projects with that typology and discovered how versatile and effective it was. They liked the quick turnaround, fast construction timelines, and cost “When it comes to fabric building structures, we can handle everything from concept through to design right through to completion,” says Glynn Haughton, General Manager. “That’s what we want to be known for. We want our clients to come to us for a turnkey solution.”

efficiency. For many years, they still provided more traditional construction services, but in 2019 they made the decision to drop those and focus fully on large commercial and industrial building structures. That’s roughly when Glynn came aboard. In the last few years, since Glynn’s been involved, Edge Innovations has also decided to focus on providing turnkey solutions. In the past, they used to do a lot of work where they were responsible for a small scope of a larger project. They now prefer to manage whole projects as the prime contractor. As for the kinds of projects they do, that can vary. Over their recent history in fabric structures, they have delivered a wide range of different types of structures for a variety of industries, including: oil and gas, industrial and logistics, bulk storage and handling, military, mining, aviation, sports and recreation, temporary housing, and more. These days, they are currently concentrating on the sectors where they have the most experience, which is mainly bulk storage, mining, and aviation. According to Glynn, clients in those sectors tend to choose Edge Innovations for a variety of reasons. However, he believes the “underlying” reason is the values that the company promotes. Those values include: integrity, honesty, loyalty, safety, service, and innovation. “Those are absolutely crucial,” says Jim Haughton, Sales Director at Edge. “They are foundational to our success. We uphold those values in everything we do: maintaining excellent customer service, giving accurate feedback, MAY 2022

offering trustworthy solutions, and implementing product safety and accountability.” Overtheyears,EdgeInnovations has been able to build repeat relationships with a long list of customers. Glynn believes that success and loyalty is a credit to their values. At the same time, he also credits their driving belief that “the client needs to be successful.” “When we’re talking to a client, we’re not selling a building,” he explains. “We’re selling a solution that will help them achieve what they need to achieve. Maybe that’s a way to keep their plane warm and dry. Maybe that’s a way to keep their silica sand or their frac sand secure and out of the elements.” “We try to walk in the customer’s shoes,” he adds. “We put ourselves in their position and we think about ‘What would be the most successful result?’ We don’t just show them three options and tell them to pick one. We figure out what they need and we give them detailed, accurate, and unbiased information about the best option that will meet their needs. That’s what sets us apart. That’s why clients keep coming back.” Of course, clients also come back because they are satisfied by the quality of Edge’s structures. Again, a credit to the values the company lives by. It’s also a credit to their carefully-vetted roster of suppliers and subcontractors. Edge’s relationships with those partners tend to go back even further than their relationships with their clients. “In construction, your supply chain is very key,” Glynn says. “You’re only as good as what your vendors can provide. Fortunately, we’ve found some industry experts who we can really trust. We’ve found people who can operate to the highest levels of safety and execution.” One good relationship, for example, is with Skyler Structures – an industry-leading supplier of tension fabric structures and components. Similar to Edge, they are headquartered in Canada but provide building solutions to various market sectors across North America. Also similar to Edge, they use only the highest quality materials and technology, and they take a customer-centred approach in order to provide clients with the exact building solution to meet their specific needs. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Planning for retention Another important relationship for Edge Innovations is the relationship they have with their employees. The company has grown dramatically over the last three years, so many of their people are relatively new, but Glynn says the goal is to keep them around: “We’re planning for retention,” hesays. “I believeweunderstand what it takes, and I believe we’re creating an environment where people that show our values are going to want to be for many years.” A key part of retaining people is keeping them safe. To that end, Edge Innovations has an “unwavering commitment to a strong HSE management system that protects our people, the public, and the environment from injury or damage.” He describes that commitment as being “woven into the fabric of our organization.” At Edge, health and safety performance is driven by their senior management and operational leadership teams, MAY 2022