The Construction Source

“There are a lot of ash trees in Southern Ontario that are coming down, so we use that in most of our builds right now,” Jeff explains. The home is also very comfortable to live in, Jeff adds. He and his family are the residents, and he says “we absolutely love it.” Moving forward, now that they have proven what they are capable of achieving within a budget, Jeff says his goal is to help clients achieve similar results within their own homes. At the same time, Just Working alsohopestocontinuedelivering other kind of projects that support their community and their environment. Fortunately, the jobs they have lined up largely fit that bill. Some of their upcoming projects include: an 18-unit affordable housing renovation in a historic building in downtown Kitchener; a new 2,500 square foot passive house on a “beautiful country property surrounded by the owner’s food forest”; and a 42-unit affordable housing renovation and addition within an existing church. Currently, the company is also building a tiny home, while also working on a 150-year-old mill renovation. So their output is diverse, but it’s all centred on the company’s founding motto: ‘Love God, love your neighbour and work hard towards the goal of building better communities.’ “We want to keep growing in line with those values,” Jeff says. “We want to be leaders in the green energy and affordable housing market. And we want to focus on community-strong projects like sustainable pocket communities and tiny home villages.” “We also want to be able to hire and help as many newcomers to Canada as we can,” he concludes. “There’s a massive shortage of skilled trades in Canada, and likely across the world. We believe investing in newcomers is not only what’s right, but what’s needed.” FEBRUARY 2022