The Construction Source

Generational building As an example of Just Working Construction’s capabilities, Jeff points to a net-zero “generational home” they built last year in New Hamburg. That project was Jeff and Natalie’s own house, which they personally conceived, designed, and delivered. It started as basically a proof-of-concept. Their goal was to show that a “middle-class family could do a large energy-efficient renovation to their home and not go bankrupt.” “So we dreamed up a generational house,” Jeff recalls. “We took our 1,100 square foot three-bedroom bungalow and added a second-storey, adding a one-bedroom and twobedroom apartment. We also finished our basement, adding two more rooms and two more bathrooms.” “This will allow me and my wife to age in place and let one of our kids take over the main living area in the future,” he explains. “In the meantime we are using THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA