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THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA come and bring their families. That’s the kind of relationship we build here.” In order to build that kind of relationship, and earn that kind of customer loyalty, Darren deals with all of his clients personally. “When you deal with Titan Built Construction, you deal with the owner directly,” he says. “That’s a big part of it. I get to know clients right from start-to-finish. I gain a deep understanding of their wants and dreams and what they want achieved by the end of the job.” And then he and his team actually achieve it – Darren says that’s also big part of what sets Titan Built apart, their ability to meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality. “We can do that because we do it all ourselves,” he explains. “We build every project from the ground up. We perform as much work as we can in-house. We employ the concrete guys, the framers, the insulators, the drywallers – everyone works for Titan.” Thoseemployees tendtobevery experienced, and the majority of them are longstanding. Some team members have actually been working with Darren for almost 15 years – several worked under him at his previous company, and later followed him over to Titan Built shortly after he struck out on his own. “So they only know how to do things my way,” Darren says, “and that means quality.” The company also invites their clients into the quality assurance process. Darren frequently invites clients onto the job site at various intervals to make sure they are satisfied. “Throughout the build, we make sure theyget thechance tocome in and do a walkthrough. After framing, we’ll ask them, ‘Does this bedroom look big enough?’ or ‘Does this walk-in closet look big enough?’ ‘Because now’s the time to move a wall or make some changes.’ And before the electrical is all put in, we get our clients to walk around with me and the electrician. Maybe they’ll want to move an outlet, or maybe they have something they want to make sure is lighted properly. There are numerous stages like that.” “And we don’t ultimately charge for those little changes,” Darren adds. “A lot of outfits will nickel and dime their clients and try to make a whole bunch of money that way. For us, it’s more about making sure the client is satisfied and happy.”