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special occasion to celebrate the friends and families of people of Asian descent. These letters are usually featured in the annual concert programs. Since commencing work on The Great Falls, Three Bridges has also hosted several events in Niagara to connect with the local population. For example, in 2019, they brought together about 30 graduates from the 1969 class of the Loretto Academy – the historic girls’ school that is being preserved as part of the project. “Everyone was very excited to gather for the 50-year reunion and to see each other again,” Dan remembers. “It was a very special event.” Part of what made it so special, he explains, was that the attendees were able to experience the historical building in a new way. The Loretto Academy was very prestigious, but also very strict –students were prohibited from entering via the front entrance. They were only allowed to enter from the sides. “Fifty years later, when we hosted this event, they were allowed for the first time to walk through the front doors of the Academy,” Dan says. “Everyone was very excited about that.” The graduates who attended that event called the reunion opportunity ‘absolutely awesome’ and ‘a dream come true.’ They praised 3Bridges for retaining and planning to restore the building, which they called ‘hallowed’ and ‘sacred,’ as many young women were educated there in the arts and sciences at a time when women were traditionally taught to be wives and mothers. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA