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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products across the country. In this edition, we’ve looked mostly at homebuilders – though the kind of homes, and the manner they build them, varies significantly. Daytona Homes, for example, is one of Western Canada’s largest builders, and has been delivering family homes in curated communities for 28 years. They specialize in “quick possession” homes, which are ready for immediate occupancy upon delivery, and which clients can purchase at any stage of the build. They also offer personalized homes, where customers can select a community, start with a model that’s already been approved to be built there, and then make selections and amendments to best suit their needs. Darcy Brown – president and general manager of the company’s Greater Edmonton division – talked to us about the advantages of both models. Also in this issue is Avi Construction Management Incoporated (ACMI), a newly-introduced division of Homes by Avi. Homes by Avi has been building modern homes in Edmonton and Calgary communities since 1978. With ACMI, they are taking their industry-leading production team, along with the strength of their in-house design-build capabilities, and they are helping other developers bring their projects to life. We spoke to Vice President Victor Mutambo about some of those projects, especially the ones in the works. For more on those stories – and other stories like them – just keep reading.

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MAY 2021

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MAY 2021


An exceptional experience Daytona Homes is one of Western Canada’s largest builders, and has been crafting superior family homes and vibrant communities for 28 years. The company’s Greater Edmonton division – led by Darcy Brown, President and General Manager – has been operating since the company’s inception. It was founded with the goal of providing customers in the region with “quality craftsmanship,” “transparent communication,” and, most importantly, an “exceptional customer experience.”

JULY 2021

“There are somany components involved in buying a new home, and it can sometimes be a really painful process,” Darcy says. “Not with us. We’ve focused on designing a process that makes it simple. We make sure the buyer understands what they are buying and what it’s going to cost, and then we make sure we deliver everything we promise.” Darcy has personally been working in the construction industry since 1995. Over the course of his career, he’s worked with multiple builders and has risen through the ranks of the industry. He spent three years as an apprentice carpenter with his first company, he spent four years as a journeyman carpenter with another, and in 2002 he joined Daytona Homes as a site superintendent. Within Daytona, Darcy continued to climb the ladder – he became a site superintendent manager, then a construction manager. In 2010 he accepted the role of Operations Manager of Daytona Homes Greater Edmonton. He was appointed General Manager shortly after. “I’ve had a lot of hands-on experience building custom homes,” he says. “I’ve built them from the bottom to the top. The small town I come from, we didn’t have subcontractors like we do here in the city, the builder would do absolutely everything. So I’ve had the opportunity to work with all THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “We’ve focused on designing a process that makes it simple. We make sure the buyer understands what they are buying and what it’s going to cost, and then we make sure we deliver everything we promise.”

JULY 2021 Everest Exteriors is one of Edmonton’smost skilled and dependable exterior service providers, and a longstanding partner of Daytona Homes. Everest founder and CEO Charlene McLean started her career as a siding applicator in 2003, at the age of 18, and first began working on Daytona Homes projects in 2012. The next year, Charlene officially formed Everest Exteriors, and she has been working consistently with Daytona Homes ever since. In 2019, she and her team were awarded the Daytona Homes Calder Memorial Trophy, which the company awards to trade partners who are ‘making strides to become one of our best and brightest.’ Today, residential builders like Daytona Homes choose Everest Exteriors due to their reputation. Over the years, Everest Exteriors has become well known for providing phenomenal warranty customer service. The quality of their work is alsowellrecognized–fromdayone, theworkmanship they have provided has always exceeded industry standard expectations. “We have a passion for perfection,” Charlene says. “Clients are confident that we will ensure that the highest attainable standards are being maintained. Our ability to provide and ensure quality will always remain at the forefront of our commitments to Daytona Homes and to other customers alike.”


the different scopes of work involved in building a home and I have been able to utilize that experience here at Daytona.” Darcy was initially drawn to Daytona Homes by the quality of the company’s ownership. He says that the Hutchinson family – the owners of Daytona Homes, who have been building in Western Canada since 1969 – are “wonderful to work with.” “They’re the best family I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “They’ve done a lot for me, and they’ve done a lot for building in the Western Canada. They are passionate about what they do, and they always strived to provide the highest standards of quality for their residents. I’m proud to be a part of that legacy.” These days, Daytona Homes Greater Edmonton is delivering on that legacy within 10 different communities across the city. Their products in those communities range from townhomes of about 1,400 square feet, valued at roughly $300,000, to semicustom homes of about 2,500 square feet, with values as high as $800,000. In all 12 of their communities, they focus on providing multiple product lines, including townhomes, duplexes, rear-detached garage homes, and front-attached garage homes. For clients, Daytona Homes’ process can differ. For clients looking to move in quickly, the company offers a significant inventory of “quick possession homes,” which they design and build themselves, and which clients canpurchaseat anystage of the build. Some homes are months from possession, some are weeks frompossession, and some are ready for immediate occupancy. If a client can’t find what they want among Daytona Homes’ existing inventory, however, the company can still help them out. The customer can come to them, pick a community, select from one of their existing models that are already approved to be built in that community, and then make JULY 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA selections and amendments to best suit their individual wants and needs. Roughly half of the company’s sales in Edmonton are quick possession homes, while the other half can be personalized. In both cases, Darcy believes customers choose Daytona Homes for the same reasons, starting with the quality of their designs. “We have our own design team that does a lot of research,” he explains. “They are always looking for new and innovative products. They are always looking for inspiration. Our designs are one of our big points of difference.” Another point of difference is Daytona’s material selection, according to Darcy. “We focus a lot on our building envelopes,” he explains. “Being in Edmonton, we have all four seasons, and all four are pretty extreme. We use some pretty innovative products to make sure our homes are durable. They are not products you necessarily see, but they will certainly protect your home from basement leaks, roof leaks, leaks around the windows – that’s something we really focus on.” Daytona Homes also focuses on the customer experience. That focus, Darcy says, is allencompassing. It starts with making sure their website is easy-to-use. It includes making sure the sales people in the show homes are friendly and helpful. It includes guiding customers through their mortgage approval process – and then continuing to guide

JULY 2021 them the rest of the way, all the way to handover to their customer and beyond. “We do our very best to give the client a good experience, from beginning to end – from the time they walk into the show home, to when they move into their new home, all the way through the warranty process afterwards.” “When you start the process of buying a home and you’ve never done it before, it can be extremely overwhelming,” Darcy reiterates. “With our customer experience program, we do our absolute best to make it as easy as we can. That’s our focus.” “That’s the biggest benefit to working with Daytona Homes, in my opinion,” he adds. “There are a lot of builders that can build a good quality home. Most of us have access to the same products. What sets a builder apart is the customer experience. That’s the secret sauce.” With Daytona Homes, the customer experience is typically very positive – as evidenced by their history of glowing reviews and testimonials, referrals, and even repeat work. “Our growth has been driven by our past customers,” Darcy explains. “It comes from the reviews they give us and the referrals they give. They have a positive experience, they pass it on, and that’s how we grow our business.”

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA The client’s experience is not the only one that matters – Daytona Homes also focuses on the experiences of their other stakeholders, including their team members. Darcy has personally been one of those team members for almost 20 years, and he says that kind of longevity is not unusual. “We have a lot of employees who have been here for five years, or 10 years, or even 15 years,” he says. “I think that’s because we have quite a healthy outlook and because we’re open to change. We’re not stuck on ‘This is how we used to do things, so this is how we’ll always do things.’ We’re a cutting edge company.” “We encourage our team members to give their ideas and suggestions,” he continues. “If they have a better way to do something, we want them to speak up. We want them to understand that our processes can be rewritten as we find improvements. We’re very open to new ideas and to pushing A cutting edge company

JULY 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA ourselves outside of our comfort zone.” “I think our team enjoys that,” he says. “They like having an impact on how we do business. I think that might be a little different from how it works in most companies.” In addition, Darcy says, Daytona Homes isa“family-owned company” with a “real family atmosphere.” He believes employees also find enjoyment in that. “We’re not a corporation with a board that you don’t ever see. There’s a more personal touch. That was a big part of what attracted me, and I’ve worked to carry that through to the employees that now work for me today.” That includes the company’s extended team, i.e. their roster of subcontractors and suppliers. Darcy calls those relationships “essential.” “Our subcontractors are absolutely key partners in the process,” he says. “We couldn’t do this without them.” One such partner is Everest Exteriors – they are one of Edmonton’s most skilled and dependable exterior service providers, and Daytona Homes has recognized them as one of their most reliable trade partners. Another example is Living Legends Construction – they are a framing company operating in Edmonton and the surrounding area, specializing in all types of wood frame construction. By using larger-than-average crews of highly experienced people, they are able to

JULY 2021 consistently achieve quick build times without sacrificing quality or safety. Like Daytona Homes, they have designed a unique model that makes life a lot easier for their customers. According to Darcy, that kind of innovative streak is what Daytona looks for in their subcontractor and supply partners. “We like working with companies that are on the cutting edge,” he says. “We want to stay up-todate with the latest innovations, trends, and products. We want toembracenewtechnology.Our suppliers and subcontractors help us with that.” Moving forward, the company will continue to lean on their subcontractors and suppliers for that assistance, as the company’s vision will always be to “be the best.” For Daytona Homes, that’s more important than even growth. “It’s a challenge to stay at the top of the game, but that’s our goal,” Darcy says. “Regardless of how many units we do in a year, we want to continue providing the level of service and quality that we’re known for. We’ll look to grow when the opportunity is there, but the overall idea is to stay on the cutting edge.” Proud partner of Daytona Homes

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on Daytona Homes Edmonton, their home models, and the communities in which they build – and to book an appointment – visit For more on Daytona Homes’ other divisions in Western Canada, and their overarching vision, visit

EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Avi Construction Management Incorporated (ACMI) was created by Homes by Avi, a leader in the home building industry that has been delivering modern homes in desirable communities since 1978. With ACMI, their intention was to take their industry-leading production team, along with the strength of their in-house design-build capabilities, and deploy it for the benefit of the market. With their unique depth of experience, and their unparalleled commitment to quality, they believed they could help third party clients bring their projects to life.

JULY 2021

“Homes by Avi recognized a need in the market,” says Vice President Victor Mutambo, recalling the company’s origins. “There were a lot of developers that didn’t have in-house construction management or general contracting capabilities, and they could thoroughly benefit from the services that we could offer.” “Over the years, we have developed an extremely strong team of construction professionals,” he continues. “We have built a great deal of respect within the industry. We wanted to use that team, and leverage that respect, to provide an industry-leading service to third parties.” Today, ACMI provides a full spectrum of services, including design, pre-construction, value engineering, project management, and so much more. They specialize in wood frame structures, and work in industries including residential, multi-family, affordable housing, commercial, and green building. Within each sector, their diverse team of professionals can guide clients through every stage of development – from the “first spark of an idea to successful project completion, every step of the way.” In terms of size, ACMI can deliver projects comprising over 100 units, and structures as high as six-storeys. For example, THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “We have built a great deal of respect within the industry. We wanted to use that team, and leverage that respect, to provide an industryleading service to third parties.”

their most recently-delivered project – August at University District, which they completed in the fall of 2020 – is a sixstorey wood framed mixed-use development that includes 107 residential units above main floor retail. That project was developed by Avi Urban – the development arm of Homes by Avi – but it’s the kind of job ACMI wants to deliver on behalf of external clients. Victor believes their success there should serve as proof to those prospective clients of the value ACMI can provide. In particular, Victor says, their success should prove the immense value of being “fullyintegrated,” which is what sets ACMI apart. “We’re designers, developers, general contractors, construction managers, and project managers,” he explains. “We have in-house capabilities spanning the whole building cycle – from land acquisition, to design, to permitting, sales, marketing, project management, and warranty service. We can manage every facet of construction under one roof.” “And we have an understanding of how every piece fits,” he continues. “We know how every aspect of a project impacts the other aspects. Coming from a fully-integrated environment, we have an awareness of how everything we offer can be utilized to minimize risk and maximize opportunities. That’s our biggest asset. That’s our biggest competitive advantage.” ACMI’s next biggest advantage is their reputation, especially within Calgary. Homes by Avi has been operating in the city for well over 40 years, and in that time they have built an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability. They have become known for doing everything they can to satisfy their customers. Victor credits that reputation, firstly, toAviAmir, thecompany’s founder and chairman. He says that from the very beginning, JULY 2021


Avi made relationship-building a priority, and the company has never compromised on that commitment. “Avi ingrained the importance of relationships into the company’s philosophy,” Victor explains. “He’s a firm believer in building relationshipswith team members, with trades, and especially with our customers.” But what’s the key to building lasting relationships with customers? According to Victor, it’s surprisingly simple: “If a customer is not happy, we do our best to make sure we correct that,” he says. “That’s true of every division of the company. That’s what we’re known for. That’s how we’ve built our reputation.” “We deliver what we promise,” he adds. “If you talk to anybody at Homes by Avi, that’s a phrase that’s likely going to come up. It’s something we’re taught very early on, and we’re reminded of it often. If we say we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it. That’s the mentality in which we operate.” At ACMI, they promise quality. They are able to deliver on that promise because of the depth of their experience. From their many years in business, they know what quality looks like, and they know how to achieve it consistently. “Quality starts with making sure we pick the right product, and our choice of product is informed by a history of learning,” Victor says. “Over time we’ve learned what to put in our homes, and just as importantly, we’ve learned what not to put in our homes. That’s the starting point.” Quality also starts with getting the design right, and ACMI can help with that too. Even if they’re not involved from the JULY 2021

very beginning of the process, Victor says their expert input can help clients save time and money, and help them achieve better quality results. Furthermore, during construction, ACMI has various tools and processes in place to ensure that their projects are built as designed. That includes construction management software, which ACMI has embraced – in general, the company is always on the lookout for new technology that can improve their efficiency. Of course, Victor says it’s also vital to have the right people in place. That’s where ACMI’s professional and experienced team comes in. Between their various divisions, Homes by Avi directly employs over 200 people between Calgary and Edmonton. The advantage of being part of the larger organization is that ACMI can tap into that manpower whenever needed. Themajorityof thoseemployees are longstanding. Victor has personally been with Homes by Avi for almost 16 years, and he says many of his colleagues have enjoyed similar longevity. “There are people here who have been here over 25 years,” he says. “Some have been here over 20. Many have been here over 10. That just demonstrates the strength of the culture here. People join Homes by Avi and they’re here for the long haul.” Victor describes the culture at Homes by Avi as “cohesive.” Kyla Cottom, Director of Marketing, agrees: “I’ve never worked for a company that’s had this kind of longevity,” she says. “I think that’s because the company gives back to its values, and values its employees. It’s a family-run business, and THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

working here, you feel that.” Also, Kyla says, the company has multiple branches and is constantly growing, and that presents employees with opportunities to advance and develop professionally. “Everyone has the opportunity to grow with the company,” she says. “They can learn new skills; they can use their skills in different ways. I think that’s appreciated. I think that’s why people stay.” Homes by Avi also enjoys longstanding relationships with their network of suppliers and subcontractors. Their large pool of employees means they can self-perform a lot of work, which has various advantages, but they still rely on a key group of extended partners. For example, they work closely with Gypsum Drywall (Southern) Ltd, a full-service drywall company that has been servicing Alberta since 1984. Over their history, they have constructed over 60,000 units across Western Canada, and they have become known for their commitment to safety, their integrity-based service, and their ability to problemsolve. According to Victor, Homes by Avi is drawn to partners like Gypsum, who have similar longevity in the market and similar reputations for quality. He says their relationships with those kinds of partners can go back a long time: “Some of our subcontractors go as far back as the time that Homes by Avi started operating,” he says. “Some we’ve been working with for over 40 years.” In some cases, ACMI will start talking to their trades and suppliers long before finalizing a design. That’s one of the advantages of that kind of loyalty and longevity. Victor cites a job they are working on right now as an example. They just went into construction, but they have been in communication with the client for over two years: “Duringthedesignphase,during pre-construction, we provided some value engineering advice to them,” Victor explains. “That advice didn’t just come from inhouse. We went to our trades. We got their feedback on how to optimize the design. If we didn’t have the right kind of a relationship, it would be difficult to provide that feedback. That we were able to do that so effectively speaks volumes to the relationships we have, to the network we’ve built in Calgary and Edmonton.” JULY 2021


JULY 2021 Recently, ACMI broke ground on an exciting new apartment project for a third party client. Located in Southwest Calgary, it will comprise two apartment buildings and over 150 units. Victor calls that job an “exciting opportunity to showcase what ACMI can do for third parties.” Moving forward, he says it’s the kind of project ACMI would like to do more of. At the same time, ACMI also sees room to grow in other sectors. For example, they want to get more into the mixed-use market. Also, Homes by Avi recently launched a property management division, as they have noticed more and more developers opting to build rental units. “So there’s an opportunity for us to come in and provide not only construction management services, but property Opportunity to grow


JULY 2021 management services as well,” Victor explains. “We believe that’s an offering that a lot of customers could benefit from.” In general, he says, the company’s vision is to keep growing. They want to continue servicing their clients, they want to continue providing opportunities to their employees, and they want to continue building their industryleading reputation for quality. “Our goal is to grow, and I don’t think there’s a limit to how big we can grow,” Victor concludes. “What I can say is that we have a lot more to offer to the market.” management services as well,” Victor explains. “We believe that’s an offering that a lot of customers could benefit from.” In general, he says, the company’s vision is to keep growing. They want to continue servicing their clients, they want to continue providing opportunities to their employees, and they want to continue building their industryleading reputation for quality. “Our goal is to grow, and I don’t think there’s a limit to how big we can grow,” Victor concludes. “What I can say is that we have a lot more to offer to the market.”

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on ACMI, their depth of services, and their work so far – and to get in touch with their team today – visit For more on their parent company, Homes by Avi, and everything they have to offer, visit

Diverse Dedicated Dependable Dependable Group of Companies (“Dependable”) is an industry-leading mechanical and electrical contractor providing services for the industrial, commercial, residential and institutional construction sectors in Ontario. From its headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, Dependable operates a state-of-the-art 30,000 square-foot facility allowing it to take on a wide range of projects, including infrastructure, transit, education, high and low rise residential and health care facilities.

JULY 2021

Dependable was incorporated in 2002 and commenced construction on projects in 2005; its founder and president, Rajesh “Raj” Ahuja, began with a vision of servicing extensive infrastructure and institutional projects. Although Raj had only immigrated to Canada four years earlier, his work with other companies had allowed him to establish a strong network of contacts and develop a reputation for quality and reliability. In its inaugural year, Dependable had secured approximately $1.5 million in revenue. “Ever since then, it’s been steady growth,” Raj says. “We’ve never looked back.” Since that first year, Dependable has experienced explosive growth. Dependable has been featured, on numerous occasions, in Profit Magazine’s list of “Fasted Growing Companies in Canada”. Dependable has been showcased in multiple publications such as The Vaughan Citizen, The Globe and Mail and the Canadian Business Journal. Raj credits Dependable’s quick path to success to the strength of his team. From the outset, Raj explains, he identified and recruited the right people – many of whom are still employed by Dependable today. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “Our entire business operates on our cloudbased web portal, which we developed in-house. Through that technology, we are able to manage every aspect of every project on a real-time basis, no matter how far the site is from our office.”

Raj also attributes the success of Dependable to his background as a mechanical engineer. When Raj began Dependable, he had already gained significant experience in design, construction and maintenance and had a long history of working with contractors. From the outset, Raj appreciated both the clients’ and the contractors’ expectations and made the meeting and exceeding of those expectations Dependable’s primary goal – hence the name “Dependable.” “My goal, and my team’s goal, has always been to provide Dependable’s clients with peace of mind,” Raj explains. “We understand what they’re looking for, and we do everything we can to make sure they receive it.” Dependable’s success story began with Raj working from his home office and employing very few employees. Since then, Dependable has upgraded its’ premises multiple times. In addition to its headquarters in Woodbridge, Dependable runs its manufacturing and fabrication from a 25000 sq ft facility in Concord, Ontario. As well, Dependable has expanded its’ team to include over 200 qualified and experienced professionals. And this number is consistently increasing with Dependable’s expansion into new areas of the construction industry. Dependable’s formidable team includes a wide array of professionals, such as project managers, estimators, project coordinators, plumbers, electricians, pipefitters, sheet metal mechanics, refrigeration mechanics, gas fitters, apprentices and commissioning engineers. Adding to its’ uniqueness and effectiveness as a contractor is Dependable’s prefabrication and custom manufacturing expertise which provides the company with the ability to provide installations on time and on budget. Dependable can tackle almost any project with its experienced team and fully equipped facilities and has worked on manyhigh-profileprojects. Such JULY 2021


projects include the Metrolinx Go East Regional Bus facility, a new flight training facility for Air Canada, the Union Pearson Express platform and lounge, and the C-17 hangar facility at the Trenton Air Force Base. Dependable is currently the prime mechanical and electrical contractor for the Crosslinx Kennedy Station Eglinton LRT project, the largest P-3 project in Canada. According to Raj, clients such as Crosslinx choose Dependable for its dependability. For 19 years, Dependable has demonstrated its’ ability to complete projects on time and within budget. These factors are valued most on large projects, particularly those involving public funds. But what makes Dependable so dependable? According to Raj, “it is Dependable’s investment in human, technological and logistical resources.” “Technology has been a significant key to Dependable’s success,” he explains. “Our entire business operates on our cloud-based web portal, which Dependable developed inhouse. As a result, Dependable can manage a project in realtime, from a remote location.” Dependable also invests in its people by offering extensive in-house training, resulting in increased engagement and longevity. That loyalty is precious, Raj says, “Because skilled people are hard to find in the mechanical and electrical industries, especially in recent years.” “Manpower is scarce in the industry right now,” Raj explains. “Fortunately, we’ve been able to hold on to our main guys for a long time now. They’re the strength of the company, and we understand JULY 2021

that. We make sure that they are recognized and rewarded. We have different programs in place to keep employees motivated and engaged.” Dependable has also fostered longstanding relationships with its external partners, including its regular roster of consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors. For example, one trusted partner is Euro Fire Protection Services, who they have been working with for roughly six years. Euro Fire Protection Services has earned that loyalty due to their ability to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Their sincere belief in their mission is also appealing – they believe that fire protection is so important that they treat each project, big or small, with the utmost respect and dedication. They know that life and safety of others depends on their installation and design, and they go about installing and designing every project as if their families were walking through the doors of the completed project. That’s the kind of dedication Dependable looks for in their partners. Dependable strives to display similar commitment themselves – that’s why they have been able to build strong and lasting relationships with their own clients, including some of the biggest names in general contracting in Toronto and Ontario. The longevity of these relationships is due, in part, to Dependable’s reliability, use of technology, and the dedication of their staff. In addition, Raj credits the value Dependable provides as both a mechanical and an electrical contractor. This combination of expertise is valuable to general contractors. “We provide a complete solution,” Raj says. “A general contractor usually has to deal with multiple subcontractors on a project, which can increase the number of issues that arise on a project. Dependable offers a one-stop-shop experience, which is extremely valuable to general contractors. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

JULY 2021 Over the years, Dependable has evolved and expanded consistently, and the plan is to continue that trend. For example, Dependable just moved into new headquarters, including a larger facility with more office space to accommodate their growing staff. As well, Dependable recently completed rebranding its different divisions. The goal is to separate its mechanical contracting, electrical contracting, fabricating services and residential development divisions into separate entities to grow independently. Geographically, Dependable is also expanding its reach. Dependable currently works on projects throughout Ontario, but its goal is to secure additional Alberta and British Columbia projects soon. Due Dependable is Ever Evolving


JULY 2021 to its emphasis on technology, Dependable can work remotely. This technology allows it to take advantage of more opportunities despite being a significant distance from head office. In the future, Dependable intends to continue diversifying its project portfolio. Raj’s vision for Dependable is to have it secure projects in virtually every construction industry sector: “We want to do schools; we want to do retrofits, we want to do high-rise work, low-rise work, commercial, institutional – we want to do it all,” he says. “When one sector slows down, we want to make sure that we still have work in other sectors. We also want to provide our team members with varied experiences to foster the continuous development of their skillsets, which improves their level of engagement”. While Dependable’s goal is to become involved in all construction industry sectors, Raj is particularly keen to increase Dependable’s level of involvement in the field of green energy. “Over the years, Dependable has completed many LEED projects. The teamhas designed and constructed buildings that are most energy-efficient and maintain a low carbon footprint. Dependable is a member of the Canada Green Building Council, and many of its employees are LEED-certified. In this regard, Dependable offers its expertise to assist its clients in making the most environmentallyconscious choices.” “Dependable is doing a lot,” he concludes. “But we want to do more. We believe that energy-efficient building is the future. It’s something that Dependable’s team is very passionate about pursuing.”

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more information on Dependable Group, including their past projects, customer testimonials, and the latest news, please visit

50 years of service Noramco is one of the largest and longest-standing distributors of electrical, electronic, datacom, fiber optic cable, cable accessories, and wires in Canada. Since forming in 1971 in Burnaby, BC, they have consistently grown, evolved their processes, and expanded their capabilities.

JULY 2021

Over the years, they have formed close relationships with many North American and European manufacturers; they have established warehouses all across the country; and they have developed the capability to quickly and creatively meet and exceed their clients’ needs where and whenever they arise. Thisyear,Noramcoiscelebrating their 50th anniversary in business – that’s 50 years of open communication, honest and integral service, and standard-setting excellence. At the same time, they are taking the steps they need to ensure the next 50 years of success. “Throughout our long history, we’ve always been a servicedriven business,” says Gary McNeil, former Vice President and C.O.O. of the company and the son of founder George McNeil. “Everybody likes to say that, but we’ve proven it over and over again. We’ve provided consistent, exceptional service to our customer base. That’s what makes our company special.” “That’s the secret sauce,” agrees Shaine Nobert, the company’s Vice President and General Manager. “It’s our service. Our team at every level is encouraged to listen to the client, to understand what they need, and to take care of them.” “We do make mistakes,” Gary admits, “but we don’t waste THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “Everybody likes to say that, but we’ve proven it over and over again. We’ve provided consistent, exceptional service to our customer base. That’s what makes our company special.”

JULY 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA time trying to assign blame or make excuses. If something goes wrong, we fix it right away, and then we figure out where we went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. That’s what being service-driven is all about.” Noramco was initially founded by George McNeill and Wayne Swift. In the beginning, they operated solely from a small warehouse in Burnaby, and they mainly serviced the forestry industry in BC. Their only cutting equipment was using the floor marked in feet, rolling out cable to the length required, and using a hacksaw to cut it. Throughout the 1970s, the company opened further locations in Edmonton and Calgary, enabling them to better service the oil and gas fields, which had a great need for industrial cables. In 1987, they opened a branch in Toronto in order to service the city’s burgeoning downtown core. This branch would grow to include locations in Hamilton and London to cover the GTA. In 1988, Noramco was acquired and became part of Guillevin’s group of companies. In 1995, they in turn acquired Metro Wire, and they began servicing Quebec and eastern Canada. In the 2000s, Winnipeg and Saskatoon opened, and the company further increased their reach in central Canada, with the agricultural and manufacturing industries in mind. Today, Noramco has nine total locations covering all parts of Canada. They now service virtually every major industry, including utility power; telecommunications; mining; commercial / industrial; transit and marine. “We pretty much do it all,” Gary says, “and we take a flexible approach with each customer and project. It doesn’t matter what industry they are in or what their cable and wire requirements are. We have the capability, flexibility, and creativity to help.” “We’re the experts in wire and

JULY 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA cable,” Shaine adds. “We have products that most others aren’t inventorying, and we have internal experts in every related industry and the option to call on one of many supplier experts or engineers. So clients know they are getting the right technical advice and guidance. We’re singularly focused on what we do.” For his part, Gary has personally been with Noramco full-time since 1975. When his father retired in 1989, he took over the business. Now he’s retiring, and Shaine is in the process of taking over. Shaine, meanwhile, has a background in manufacturing and distribution. After 22 years with his previous company, he met Gary in 2019, shortly after Gary started planning his succession. Shaine recalls sitting down for a cup of coffee with Gary in February, and then officially joining the team in September. “It was just an amazing opportunity,” Shaine recalls. “Therearenot a lotof companies like Noramco out there.” In particular, Shaine appreciated the balance that Noramco struck between a large company and a small one. The company has close to 200 staff with operations all over Canada and had the financial backing of the global Guillevin group of companies – but at the same time, it was still privately owned and had a “very family feel.” “It’s the best of both worlds,” he says. “You have the backing of a large, international company, but the nimbleness of a small family business.”

JULY 2021 “Our people have the autonomy they need to make decisions quickly,” agrees Gary. “That sets us apart from a lot of larger companies. There’s very little bureaucracy here. We don’t have to jump through hoops to get things approved. We have the ability to react quickly to changing markets and changing dynamics in the marketplace. Our people can adjust and deal with those changes on a day-today basis.” “If you only had one word to describe the culture here, it’s ‘entrepreneurial,’” Shaine says. “That’s the spirit we tap into at every level, at every division of every department. Whether you’re in sales, whether you’re in operations, whether you’re in management – you treat your piece of the business as if it was your own. You have ownership in your area of responsibility. You get to make decisions.” As a result of that culture, Shaine believes that Noramco has been able to grow in ways that companies with more restrictive cultures cannot. “Our businesses are truly unique in every market,” he says. “That’s because the managers and the sales teams in a particular market have the right to pursue opportunities that may be unique to that market or may be unique to relationships they have formed.” “You could visit one of our locations, and then visit another one across the country, and if there wasn’t a brand name at the front of the building you might not recognize right away that it’s the same company,” he adds. “We believe that’s a good thing – not every market is the same, so not every office should be the same.” Again, Shaine says, the freedom and local empowerment is advantageous, not just to team members, but also to customers. When talking to prospective clients, he often cites that freedom as one of the company’s main points of difference: “Our people don’t have to go through 12 layers of bureaucracy before they can make a decision, or before they can address a problem. The decisions are made at the local level. That’s attractive to our staff, and it’s attractive to our customers.” That attractiveness is reflected in the company’s history of employee retention and longevity. Noramco typically has very little staff turnover and has a long list of employees that have been with the business for over a decade. The attractiveness is also reflected in their history of repeat business, as customers have also stuck with the company. In Western Canada, some of the company’s longest standingcustomersgobackover 40 years. In central and eastern Canada, many relationships go back to the commencement of the company’s offices in those regions. Again, Shaine credits the strength of those relationships to the freedom Noramco gives their employees and offices, and to the sense of personal ownership that results in. “Our client relationships are owned on the local level,” he reiterates. “They go back to when locations were opened, or when managers started, because the people in those locations are managing those relationships. They have the responsibility of growing them and nurturing those relationships. They take that responsibility very personally.” Gary further credits that customer loyalty to Noramco’s longstanding commitment to continuous improvement. He says that started with his father, continued with him,

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA will continue under Shaine. Consistently, Gary says, “we have reinvested in the business, we have broadened and deepened our inventories, and we’ve introduced specialized equipment” – all in service to the customer. “We continue to add to our service offering now,” he says. “We always want to offer more to the customer. Whether they are new or existing customers, we want to provide them the best service available on the market.” “We always want to offer more to the customer. Whether they are new or existing customers, we want to provide them the best service available on the market.”

JULY 2021 Throughout their long history, Noramco has also developed close and lasting relationships with their roster of suppliers and vendors. That list includes many of North America and Europe’s premier manufacturers of electrical and electronic wire, cable, and wire and cable accessories. Many of those companies have particularly long legacies in Canada, just like Noramco. An example is Domtech – they werefoundedinOntario, in1973, and they have been working with Noramco for decades. They are a fully integrated manufacturer of a wide variety of electrical and electronic wire and cable products. They serve many end-markets with their current product lines, including the appliance, trailer lighting, wire harness, and commercial construction markets. Over the years, Noramco has come to rely on their service and standard of quality. Lasting relationships Call 800-624-3572 for pricing & availability. Thousands of SKUs on hand and ready to ship same-day INVENTORY Special-make items with unmatched turn around LEAD TIMES Around-the-clock access to our full team of wire and cable experts RESPONSE RATES Industry LEADING WORRY-FREE Wire & Cable

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA The same goes for Northern Cables. Their history dates back to 1996, and much of that has been spent in partnership with Noramco. Today, they operate three plants in Ontario and six distribution centres. They manufacture low voltage cables and interlocked armoured power cables for commercial and industrial use. Noramco knows they can trust the product they deliver, and they know their team will be there when they need them. Then there’s Belden, a company that has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of insulated wire, cable and related products for more than 100 years. Today, they offer a complete portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products and solutions. They help their customers create efficiencies, protect missioncritical infrastructures, and make operations more reliable. They are also committed to developing next-generation technologies in order to continue meeting the demands of an increasingly-connected world. Noramco appreciates that kind of innovative streak in their partners. Other trusted suppliers include Nexans Group, Service Wire Co., PTI Cables Inc, Prysmian Group, and Southwire Canada. Noramco is thankful for all those relationships. Shaine says their support has been integral to Noramco’s ongoing success. Moving forward, Shaine says he wants to maintain those longlasting vendor partnerships, as well as the long-lasting partnerships with employees and clients. There are changes he wants to make as he steps

JULY 2021 into his leadership role, but he doesn’t want to forget what’s made the company successful for so long. “When I came on board, my main goal was to pay close attention,” he recalls. “I’ve been provided a great opportunity to observe and learn what works. That’s what I’ve been focusing on, onwhatmakes the company special. I think a big part of that are the relationships we have built. I want to make sure those stay strong.” “Moving forward, we want to grow, and we have very aggressive growth strategies, but we don’t want to forget what got us to where we are,” he continues. “We want to maintain what sets us apart, while at the same time adding the resources we need to evolve and take us to the next level.” Shaine’s first days at Noramco coincided with the early days of the COVID outbreak – literally, his first official day in his role was the day Canada declared a pandemic. Most of his tenure so far has been spent helping the company adapt to that new context. In recent months, however, he’s finally had the opportunity to plan more specifically for the future. He’s excited about what’s coming up. For example, infrastructure investment is booming across the country. Shaine says that Canada’s investment in 5G, in particular, will provideNoramco with a “great opportunity on a national basis.” “That was part of the business we were pretty specialized in and focused on out of one location,” he explains. “But because that business has grown nicely there, and some important relationships have been established there, there’s a lot we can adopt and apply from coast to coast. That will really help fuel some of our growth.” “So it’s an exciting time,” he concludes. “We’re looking forward to the next 50 years.”