Bridge & Quarry

“I think it is good customer service and a meticulous eye. We have set prices and we stick to our word. The worst thing you can do is give clients an extra bill. We made an effort to not damage our reputation, so we had some profit decrease. We accepted that and did it with the idea that our word is set in stone,” recounts Collins. Cook also points towards customer service as the main reason why customers work with and return to Bridge & Quarry. It is not only the attention to client needs that makes customers return, but it is also delivering more than expected. A heart for service is what makes clients of Bridge & Quarry feel truly taken care of. Cook adds, “I think it is what we include. We have always tried to do more what everyone else is doing while staying competitive. I think we are giving more bang for your buck.” When looking towards the future, Collins can see the company evolving. However, he points towards clients and meeting their needs rather than a simple desire to expand. “It is not really the house that we are looking at,” notes Collins. “We are more looking at the client. We like to try new things. If a client comes up, we want to be able to cover all facets of the building game. Niagara is unique. If the fit is there with the client, then we will continue with the client. Our reputation is starting to grow, and we are getting more opportunities.” Bridge & Quarry is built upon a history of honesty and trust, and they will continue to develop and evolve in way that continues that legacy. Not only do they build homes with high quality workmanship –they build relationships meant to last. BR I DGE & QUARRY