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As a company, Effect also understands that their homes are often the biggest purchases their customers will ever make, so they believe the final product should be exactly what they want. They believe every project they undertake should meet or exceed all the client’s expectations, and every home should stand the test of time. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure that happens. “You’re making a big investment when you build a home,” says Les Wold, Sales & Marketing Manager. “Our goal is to make sure that investment lasts for generations.” Effect Home Builders was formed in 2001, initially in rural Alberta. From the start, Dale’s vision was to “build better homes” – which meant better materials, better insulation, better airtightness. “He wanted to be more environmentally conscious and he wanted to improve on the way buildings were built,” Les recalls. “That’s exactly what he did.” Effect’s reputation grew quickly on the strength of Dale’s high quality workmanship, fairness, and attention to detail. When he moved the company to the city, he abided by the same principles, and that growth continued. That’s when he joined forces with Les and Dave Bravelle, who were attracted MARCH 2021 “It’s very fulfilling to make a difference, which is what we do,” Les says. “It can be challenging, but it’s always worth it. There are a lot of rewards in the end.”