The Construction Source

MARCH 2021 “Usually when developers build a condo in the suburbs, they build a condo that feels suburban,” he explains. “They build something you’d never see downtown. We’ve done the opposite. We brought what you’d see downtown in any major city to the suburbs.” “I think a lot of people have responded to that to that. I think they could could see right away that we’re bringing an amazing amount of technology and an amazing amount of design, that normally you wouldn’t see around here. You’d see it in San Francisco or L.A. or New York or Toronto. We’ve brought that to Oakville, and people have jumped all over it.” Moving forward, Distrikt is looking forward to completing delivery of that building and having people move in. From there, they will continue to be busy, especially inOakville. They currently have two 30-storey towers in the planning stages for Dundas and Trafalgar, which is “another area of North Oakville where we’re working side-by-side with town to build what they want to see there.” Distrikt’s next destination after that will be midtown Oakville, by the Oakville GO Station – which is the second largest GO Station after Union Station. “More people get off on that stop than actually get on,” Emil says. “It’s a big transportation hub that the province and the town want to see developed around. So we’re working heavily over there.” Outside of Oakville, Distrikt is currently involved in a large townhouse site in Etobicoke, they are working on a condominium in Forest Hill, and they have another upcoming project in St. Clair. So the company is growing, Emil says, but they don’t have a target size or turnover in mind. Their most important goal is instead “building a strong foundation” – which means bringing in “top quality personnel” and “making strong in-roads with industry consultants and trades.” “Paul and I take a lot of pride in finding top-notch people,” Emil says. “We only want All- Star people working for us. We want to surround ourselves with successful people, which we believe is the key to more success.” “I think we have a big future,” he concludes, “but I don’t think there’s any kind of minimum or maximum that we’re targeting. We just want to keep bringing on quality partners and grow naturally.”