The Construction Source

FEBRUARY 2021 In the nearer-future, they will be commencing work on a new cannabis facility. That will be a new construction from the ground-up, and it will comprise three phases totalling slightly less than 600,000 square feet. The company is excited to get to work on that job, and hopes it will lead to more work in the cannabis industry. “That’s the direction we’re headed,” Robert says. “We want to move into bigger projects that are more complex and a little more specialized.” As a LEED-certified professional, Robert is also looking to do more environmentally- conscious work in the future. He wants to pursue jobs that target LEED ratings and that include sustainable elements – and even for the jobs that don’t, he wants to be as environmentally- friendly as he can. “We want to build healthier and cleaner buildings,” he says. “No matter what we’re doing, we want to keep sustainability in mind. We want to support a more sustainable future as best we can.”