Bridge & Quarry

BR I DGE & QUARRY to do something, then we will change it. We can give clients options. Clients might not know these options, so we want to make sure we communicate with people and give them options. Dan makes sure those are done meticulously.” Aside from high standards and clear communication, Bridge & Quarry sets itself apart by accepting projects that require innovative solutions. A great example is a series of projects in Dain City, where they built 20 houses. There, they demonstrated the kind of hard work the company is willing to undertake, as well as the positive effect their work can have on a community. “We took on twenty houses in Dain City, and it was in an area of Niagara that had some bad reputation from previous builders. It was one of our big opportunities. We resurrected that whole neighborhood. This was a neighborhood that was pretty much abandoned. A lot of the foundations were falling. There were extra precautions. We said we would take it on. Nobody else wanted to do it. We revived it,” says Collins. While Bridge & Quarry work to be trailblazers, they will never compromise quality and communication. Customer service and satisfaction will always be at the heart of the company’s philosophy. Collins points to excellent customer service as the key factor in the company’s success, even during the difficult times of global pandemic.