Bridge & Quarry

BR I DGE & QUARRY from a quarry. The build sold successfully within two weeks, and this success set the tone for future of Bridge & Quarry. “We started at one house and moved onto two houses. Now we are probably doing fifteen to twenty houses a year. We keep growing and we keep the philosophy to not let customers down,” notes Collins. Bridge & Quarry’s growing portfolio and project successes demonstrate that the team take their philosophy seriously. Regardless of the project, the team at Bridge & Quarry deliver high quality products that exceed customer expectations. Collins attributes that high quality adherence to Cook. Collins notes, “Dan has themost meticulous eye I have seen in the business. He is trainingmost of the trades we work with in how we need projects done. It all goes back to Dan. He doesn’t miss anything. The customer service and communication come through me, but he has the final stamp on quality.” High expectations of quality and communication are held across all team members, including the company’s tradespeople. Bridge & Quarry assures that all team members are working towards the same goal and hold the same customer-oriented philosophies. This assures that all projects are delivered to the highest standards. Collins notes, “We both have the philosophy that you should be proud enough to put your name on it. We expect the same thing from our crew and trade. We’ve hired good guys too. It comes down to people. Hire the right people.” Bridge & Quarry strives to build trust and relationships by maintaining a standard of communication and quality that customers expect in every step of the building process. More importantly, the team at Bridge & Quarry continue to build relationships through constant openness and willingness to adapt. “We are always learning,” Collins outlines. “If we find a better way