Beljan Developments

BEL JAN came up with. All that mattered was our ability to actually develop these projects. So that’s what we did. We actually developed projects.” With every project they have successfully delivered, Beljan Developments has added to their credibility and elevated their brand. In particular, however, Chris says two projects have been especially impactful: “These two in particular, I think, really solidified our reputation,” he says. “They showed that we’re the real deal. They showed that we could take an underperforming building, one that has real significance to the city, and give it new life.” ‘Oliver Exchange’ is the first example – that was the redevelopment of the historic West End Telephone Exchange building on into a collaborative mixed-use office, retail and workshop hub. There, Beljan Developments incorporate modern aesthetics and amenities into the new development while still preserving historical elements. Their goal was to highlight the century old character of the building and safeguard its prominence in the neighborhood, while at the same time promoting interbusiness activity and commerce in the district. “The community hub that we created there really took us to the next level,” Chris says. The other project that solidified Beljan’s reputation, Chris believes, was ‘The Strathcona’ – there they took the Edmonton Hotel building on Whyte