Beljan Developments

Over the years, they have developed projects of various shapes and sizes, with a primary focus on infill development and the adaptive re-use of underutilized buildings. They target neighborhoods that are on the verge of change and they seek out buildings or sites that others have overlooked. Beljan’s goal is to deliver projects that “breathe new life” into those places – that means projects that “connect people, homes and businesses,” and that help make communities “lively, social, and walkable,” according to Chris Dulaba, Placemaker. “At Beljan we strive to build architecturally prominent buildings that highlight the best of Edmonton, buildings that are creatively designed while still holding true the fabric of the communities they are a part of,” Chris says. “We believe that buildings should interact with the built environment and that streets lined with cafés, shops and galleries create a valuable social experience that contributes greatly to a city’s identity and culture.” Chris is a veteran of Edmonton’s development industry – for many years, he has been directly involved in the acquisition, planning, design and development of various projects from small scale mixed use developments to the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. He joined Beljan Developments almost 10 years ago, not long after the company was founded by ‘visioneer’ Ivan Beljan. Ivan is also an experienced developer, with nearly twenty years’ experience in project and development management. He started Beljan Developments with the intention of “reimagining an Edmonton that is something greater than it is today.” “Our company’s always taken an unconventional approach,” Chris says. “We gravitate towards heritage buildings and the adaptive reuse of THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA